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Living a life in colour…

Interior Design

Throughout the pandemic most of us have taken solace in our homes, and many of us have even taken to transforming them as we spend more time in them than ever before. From extensions, to moving house, to home studios and garden offices. Zoom calls and home working have become the new normal. Dinner parties at home, Netflix and chill have become the new going out. It’s no surprise that creating a safe haven and a unique home can really reflect our personality and style which has been a big priority for so many of us.

Our passion for creating beautiful and personal homes is a result of years working within the corporate textile and major lifestyle brands. From Conran to Liberty, Next to John Lewis we have worked with some incredible faces from the interior (and showbiz) world; Zandra Rhodes, Lawrence Lewellen Bowen, Jeff Banks, Kirstie Allsopp, Kylie and Kelly Hoppen to name but a few! Seeing how these creative forces push boundaries and challenge the status quo have left a lasting impression on how we view good interior design.

‘Do you love it?’, ‘Does it make your heart sing?!’.  Good interior design for the home needs to have a physical reaction! Designing for the home is such a personal journey we embark on with our clients and one which we feel very honoured to be trusted with. Any interior designer can sell you a ‘look’ but for the scheme to have longevity and authenticity it needs to reflect the client, their home and their personal taste.

That being said, our role in the process is navigate ideas and push the boundaries with one eye on the bigger picture. The room as a whole; Is it a family room, who uses the space? How does one design impact another room? A great example is Sophie Robinson’s latest channel 5 show ‘Dream Home Makeover’. A huge personal fan of Sophie here at PP towers this show demonstrates how to push boundaries, whilst using a clients personality as inspiration.

‘Walk down any British street and behind each closed door will be a very different room design’. I have always loved that about interiors – the fact that everyone has their own response to colour, style and pattern. What better place to share our sense of style and identity than within our most intimate spaces?’ Sophie Robinson.

Be bold. Be brave and live your life in colour!

Claire & Emma