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Clever Window Dressing

Made to Measure

One area that can often be tricky is which window treatment is best….or the most common question often asked by our clients is; ‘How can I dress this odd shaped window? Help!’.  Whilst we have a showroom full of tantalising fabrics and wallpapers our real expertise lies in the advice and knowledge of the specialist systems we can offer to dress even the most trickiest of windows and interior spaces.

Here lies the true meaning of made to measure. From wonky weavers cottages to apex glass openings in Master bedrooms, round portholes windows, converted cellars, listed buildings to huge bifolds. – The planning of how to dress these features can often start a lot earlier than you think. From recessed track systems that disappear into the plastered ceiling to remote operated systems for even the highest of windows nothing is impossible at The Pattern Principle….well almost!

Claire & Emma

Made to Measure